Ed is here is to help your brand communicate in the most powerful, appropriate and engaging way possible. Whether you’re looking at creating or refreshing your brand strategy, finding a tone of voice (or fixing what you’ve got), persuasive copywriting or big ideas that work across multiple media, he makes every word count.

His broad experience and deep expertise sit at the sweet spot where brand consultancy and communications meet. He’s a good listener and quick to understand your business, brand, creative and tone of voice issues. He takes that understanding and finds ways to help you tell persuasive, memorable stories about your brand. He does this through big, engaging ideas that flex seamlessly across multiple touchpoints. His work falls into three main areas:

BRAND WRITING & COPYWRITING – everything Ed does is focused on words. He has written for start-ups and multinational brands and everything in between. He’s a digital native who understands how to communicate in any medium – from brief to concept and execution.

TONE OF VOICE & VERBAL IDENTITY – creating and fixing tone of voice and building verbal identities for brands is fundamental to Ed’s practice. He worked as Head of Verbal Identity at a brand consultancy for four years and is skilled in finding and executing the perfect tone for a brand.

BRAND STRATEGY– Ed creates joined-up thinking for brands. He’s helped many companies clarify and then communicate their brand strategy and purpose in guidelines or campaigns, as well as steering their brand and verbal identity.

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Ed writes beautiful, endlessly flowing words. If I had to sum up his unique offering, it would be his chameleon-like ability to find the brand voice and write in an absolutely authentic tone. Most importantly, he always writes copy I want to read to the last full stop.
— Piggy Lines – Creative Partner, Carnage